A line is a series of dots……………

And that was how we birthed DotManka, where we discuss Architecture and life..

Say hello to Juachi and Tobiloba.

For now, DotManka is a YouTube channel where two young Nigerians discuss Architecture and life in relation to our environment.

We started out talking about how Architecture is in Nigeria in Juachi’s room, thinking about how it will be easy to have access to information that talks particularly about Nigeria. We initially wanted to start with a magazine but considering our financial constraints the initial idea was put to bed in favour of the Youtube channel and a blog. Between us we have eight years experience in Building and Landscape Architecture.

We are really passionate about disseminating information about design application, practical solutions to Architecture problems in Nigeria, Architecture in Nigeria and Architecture education.

So we will be talking about every topic related to Architecture which will not be limited to Landscape planning, Urban planning, Architecture Education, Building designs, History of Nigerian Architecture. Our target audience is anyone and everyone that has an interest in Architecture no matter your age group and professional background we are also hoping to carve a special niche for Architecture students. Even though we are in Nigeria we also aim to reach a wider audience.

We will be uploading videos every Wednesday unfailingly and every month we hope to bring in a special guest to join us in our discussions.

We invite constructive criticism, suggestions and compliments. 🙂

Follow us on twitter @TheDotManka, subscribe to our Youtube channel and you can email us at for any comments, suggestions, enquires, compliments and criticism. Thanks.


The Dot



One thought on “Introduction

  1. “For now, DotManka is a youtube channel where two young Nigerian girls discuss Architecture and life in relation to our environment.”

    You are 2 young Nigerian ladies/women* biko!

    that’s my input for now. other than that, great idea! we are behind you 🙂 God bless.

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